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#80000 Without Heat Exchanger, 110V
#80001 With Heat Exchanger, 110V
Dimensions: 15-5/8” Wide x 12-3/4” High x 15-5/8” Deep
(19-7/8” Deep with T&P Safety Valve installed)
Empty Weight: 28 lbs.
12 Amps at 110 VAC
Warning: Fill tank with water before turning on water heater to avoid damage to the heating element.

Recommended Service: Inspect/Replace Anode every 3 - 4 years.

Replacement Parts
#80010: Heating Element (110 VAC, 1500 W)
#80011: Thermostat
#80012: Anode (Magnesium) on back of tank
#80013: Heating Element (220 VAC, 1500 W)

Application Marine
Capacity 6 Gallons
Internal tank material carbon steel hot roll ASTM-A36 Caps and cylinder thickness 2.4mm
Internally Coated This protection provides a bond with the metal substrates and excellent corrosion protection. Powder coating Dupont, Alesta ELW505S9, in accordance with FDA standards
External cover fiberglass / gelcoat color white Resistant to corrosion and marine environment / can be used as step
Polyurethane foam insulation To reduce heat loss
Inner surface preparation Sand-blasting with metal Particles Type SSPC-10 Clean the inner surface of carbon, oil and corrosion and prepares for implementation of epoxy
Sacrificial magnesium anode Provides corrosion protection that extends the life of the tank
Inlet / outlet water connections 1/2” NPT-male
Pressure / temperature safety valve coupling 1/2” NPT-female
Pressure / temperature safety valve 210º F and/or 150 psi. Located on the front of the tank the T&P valve is included
Maximum Operating Pressure 125 psi
Recovery time (?T: 45°F) 25 minutes to raise water temperature 45° F
Threaded heating element 110 VAC, 1500 W (available in various wattages and voltages)
Ignition protected fixed limit thermostat Temperature adjustment (Low, Medium, High)
Standard engine heat exchanger formed stainless steel Continuous 316 SS tubing, no internal joints
UL & CSA Approvals T&P Valve, Thermostat and Heating Element
Warranty 2-year full warranty, 5-year warranty on tank

  WATER HEATERS / Water Heaters

80000 / 80001

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